Introduction to Baltic Open Põltsamaa Jun 11

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Dear participants, 

here’s what you will find in Estonia. 
First of all we have decided to implement new rule. Every car is allowed to use 8 tires for the whole weekend. Tires will be marked at the Scrutineering. As this is mostly alumni/veterans event restricting the amount of the tires seems to be feasible for cost reduction and competitiveness at the same time. 

There will be two acceleration events. Regular one you all know plus the reflex one with lights. The results of these two are added up for the final acceleration results. We have not yet decided how many runs each car will get but this will definitely be published before the event. 

As practice makes perfect we are planning to have open track training hours every morning. This is not only for practice but also to ensure that what ever mendings you did during the night is safe to race. 
Now you know the tradition that was born in Estonia right? 
Yes we will drive with the police escort on the public roads, more than ever. Actually the mayor of Põltsamaa has asked us to drive through the city centre and from the opening ceremony to the track.  Opening ceremony will take place in Põltsamaa castle ruins. . 

Here’s just some of the amusements you can find at there:
• Wine cellar 
 • Põltsamaa museum 
 • Handicraft shop 
 • Gallery pART 
 • Food museum (including the world´s first space food) 
 • Nigulist church 

On Friday there’s an Estonian superstar´s concert taking place at the ruins where you can all redeem tickets in case of interest. They are playing something like this: 

As most of the times drivers seems to have most of the fun we have come up with a Go-Kart challenge for other team members only. This means there will  be qualifying sessions and finals at lunch time of different days to crown the BO non-driver champion of 2014. If there’s enough time and interest we will try to give you a chance to rent  Go-Karts every night to have fun on the track. 
The track site has it’s swimming pool and sauna which we are planning to heat up at least once. 
Our accommodation will take place at a community college which has a machine shop to repair whatever you break. We will also have guards at the track so you can leave your cars for overnight. The distance between the college and the track is around 4km. 

There will be breakfast at the accommodation, for lunch and dinner there are cafes, pubs, grocery stores etc so you should not starve. 

We will soon send out an email for the initial payment details. 

We can´t wait for the event with you. If you have any other inquiries or in case we missed anything drop us a line or leave comment just below. 

To the workshops.... ! 

Comments: 1

  • Torvel Jul 08

    Well done planning! Looking forward to this :)

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